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National Ledger Famous People Predictions For 2007

Posted by quotes on January 3, 2007

The National Ledger’s Satirist Ted Sherman has taken a shot at nearly every famous person from 2006 by predicting what should happen to them in 2007.


In part, the list looks like this: 

What Will (Or Should) Happen To Famous People In 2007?

By Satirist Ted Sherman
Jan 1, 2007

Now that the New Year is upon us, all the forecasters, futurists, seers, stargazers, prognosticators and predictors have studied their crystal balls, tea leaves and eye of newt, and have come up with next year’s events. Here are some of the most important they say are sure to occur:

1. The new hit TV show in Iraq will be, “Hangin’ With Mr. Hussein”.

2. Mel Gibson and Michael Richards will promise to stop trying to talk with their feet caught in their mouths.

3. Russia’s Vladmir Putin will admit poisoning Fidel Castro, but wonders why the hell it’s taking so damn long to work.

4. Jennifer Lopez will give birth to an entire village of African children, and Madonna will adopt them.

5. FEMA will rush to the rescue of survivors of the 79 AD volcanic disaster in Pompeii. But first they’ll supervise the clean-up from Noah’s flood.

6. Britney Spears will use all her savings to start an underwear factory; the investment will fail and go bottom up, and she’ll lose her … uh … bottom.

For the rest, go here


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