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Famous People – Famous People of Canada

Posted by quotes on January 14, 2007

Famous People

Biographies of Famous People of Canada

Here is a very interesting resource:

Dictionary of Canadian Biography Online

This site has biographies of many people who were involved in the history and development of Canada.  Many of these Canadians are not really that famous but there are some very famous Canadians among the lot.

Here is part of a biography as an example:

Further into this biography, it appears to me that John became what we would call a pirate today.

ABRAHAM, JOHN, governor of Port Nelson; fl. 1672–89.

He joined the HBC about 1672 and served in James Bay 1672–75 and 1676–78 under Governor Charles Bayly, against whom he brought charges of mismanagement. In 1679 Abraham was appointed second to John Nixon, Bayly’s successor and although he absconded with an advance of salary at sailing time, he was engaged in 1681 as mate of the Diligence (Capt. Nehemiah Walker) and wintered in James Bay.

Despite Nixon’s criticisms of him, Abraham was promoted captain of the George in 1683, his destination being Port Nelson, where Governor John Bridgar had gone in 1682 to establish a fort. En route Abraham assisted Nehemiah Walker to capture the interloper Expectation and, on arrival, finding that the Company’s post had been destroyed and that Bridgar, with Benjamin Gillam* the New England interloper, had been captured and taken to Quebec by Radisson* and Chouart Des Groseilliers, he assumed command. After a winter spent harassing and competing with Jean-Baptiste Chouart, Des Groseilliers’s son, Abraham was homeward-bound when he received a commission as governor of Port Nelson. He returned and during his first weeks of office York Fort was built under George Geyer’s supervision and an attack, made by the newly arrived M. de Bermen* de La Martinière of the Compagnie du Nord, was repulsed. After a winter of friction the French withdrew in 1685.

Read more about ABRAHAM, JOHN here.


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