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Famous People – Eleanor Roosevelt

Posted by quotes on April 19, 2007

Famous People – Eleanor Roosevelt

You gain strength courage and confidence by every experience by which you really stop to look fear in the face . You are able to say to yourself “I have lived through this horror, I can take the next thing that comes along.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

Famous Person: Eleanor Roosevelt

Grade Level: 4-6

Author: Belinda Olsen 

Eleanor Roosevelt was born in New York City on October 11, 1884. Her parents were Elliott Roosevelt and Anna Hall Roosevelt, descendants of prominent Dutch ancestry. She was a niece of President Theodore Roosevelt. Eleanor’s parents both died when she was very young, her mother when she was eight and her father when she was ten. She then lived with her grandmother, a strict disciplinarian, until she was fifteen. At this time she was sent to a boarding school in Europe. Eleanor was a bit of a backwards girl, she was quite serious and full of fears and overly solemn for her young age. However, her schooling in Europe was like a new beginning for her. Here her personality began to show itself, she was “shocked” into thinking. Eleanor discovered the courage to voice her thoughts and opinions, traits that would be essential to her future accomplishments.


Eleanor was very important to the political success of her husband. Due to his illness, he used Eleanor many times as his “eyes and ears.” He would send her on tours and inspections and then have her report back to him about the conditions. She became known as a first lady who cared about people and their problems. Franklin became President of the United States in 1932, during the Great Depression, and Eleanor continued to assist him and became very influential in his administration. She visited all over the country reporting on the people. She became a powerful advocate for the weak and disadvantaged in America. She was very outspoken in her quest for racial equality and in one famous incident resigned from the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1939 when the black singer Marian Anderson was denied the use of their facilities.

She was also instrumental in the creation of the National Youth Administration in 1934 which helped high school and college students stay in school. During World War II she visited American soldiers around the world, and promoted desegregation of the armed forces. She also acted as a good will ambassador and visited areas such as England, Australia, and the South Pacific Islands during 1943.

More Here:  http://teacherlink.ed.usu.edu/tlresources/units/Byrnes-famous/Roosevel.htm


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