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Famous People – Alexander Graham Bell

Posted by quotes on September 8, 2007

Alexander Graham Bell – Inventor of the Telephone
Alexander Graham Bell was a famous scientist and inventor of the telephone in 1876, at the age of 29.  Although he is well known for the invention of the phone, this famous scientist and inventor was involved in so many more projects.  He was a curious person with a keen mind, and his intellectual curiosity  drove him to continue to experiment and invent new solutions to problems for his entire life.

In 1881, Alexander Graham Bell won the Volta prize of $10,000.  He set up the Volta Laboratory in Washington D.C. and worked with his cousin Chichester Bell and Charles Sumner Tainter to further his scientific interests. One of their more notable accomplishments was to improve Thomas Edison’s phonograph to the point that it became commercially viable.

Through the years he was responsible for a variety of inventions such as an electromagnetic device called an induction balance that he made to try and locate the bullet lodged in President Garfield after his assassination. Alexander also built a metal vacuum jacket that was the forerunner to the iron lung used to aid polio victims in the 1950’s. Bell invented the audiometer to detect minor hearing problems and worked on experiments with energy recycling, alternative fuels, and removing the salt from seawater.


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