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Famous People – PEOPLE Magazine

Posted by quotes on May 6, 2009

Famous People

PEOPLE Magazine Names ‘The Most Beautiful People in the World’

This year, PEOPLE Magazine continues its annual tradition of anointing “The Most Beautiful People in the World.” One of their most popular specials, it features a hot new set of “Beauties” from the worlds of show business, music, and politics.

This year, the list includes Oscar, Emmy, Grammy Award winners, and comedians. For a third straight year, the issue will also show actresses without makeup. Plus, tinseltown’s newest stars under 21 are featured alongside favorites from years past.

The special double issue will go on sale Friday, May 1st, for two weeks.
Source: PEOPLE Magazine

Transcript of Radio Interview follows:



ANCHOR LEAD:  While it’s often said “beauty is in the eye of the beholder,” the editors at People Magazine have their say as well.   It’s time to celebrate beauties from the worlds of show biz, music and politics.  Brian Osuch has more.  (:57)

SCRIPT:  Lifestyles, I’m Brian Osuch.  People Magazine continues its annual tradition of anointing “The Most Beautiful People in the World” and this year’s cover girl is actress Christina Applegate.  Julie Jordan is a special correspondent for People.  Julie, why Christina Applegate?

CUT:  (Jordan) She’s obviously so beautiful and fans love her on “Samantha Who.”  But with her very public battle with breast cancer, she’s shown such strength.  She is so comfortable in her own skin.  And she truly proves that beauty is not just skin deep.

SCRIPT:  What’s new this year?

CUT:  (Jordan) We have a really fun section called “Barack’s Beauties.”  Of course we know Michelle Obama is so elegant and so beautiful, but there’s a lot of good looking people in the White House.  There’s nothing wrong with being competent and easy on the eyes.

SCRIPT:  Any surprises?

CUT:  (Jordan) There’s a lot of new faces in Hollywood.  We have an entire section “Under 21” this year.  These are faces that you’re going to see for many years to come.

SCRIPT:  The special double issue is on newsstands now.  That’s Lifestyles from People Magazine.  I’m Brian Osuch.

Famous People


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