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Rex Allen Sr. The Arizona Cowboy

Posted by quotes on October 12, 2007

Rex Allen Sr. The Arizona Cowboy

Rex Allen was inducted into the Arizona Music and Entertainment Hall of Fame on September 23, 2007 in Phoenix Arizona in an induction ceremony at the Dodge Theatre.

Born Dec. 31, 1920, in Willcox, Ariz., Rex Elvie Allen was well know for his starring roles in western movies and in many Walt Diseny productions including stints as various cartoon characters and as a narrator on “The Wonderful World of Color.”

Rex Allen Sr. died in 1999 in Tucson Arizona.

The information below is from his Wikiography

Family and early life
Born Rex Elvie Allen to Horace Allen and Faye Clark on a ranch in Mud Springs Canyon, forty miles from Willcox, Arizona, Rex Allen would grow up to become a popular entertainer known as “The Arizona Cowboy.” As a boy he played guitar and sang at local functions with his fiddle-playing father until high school graduation when he toured the southwest as a rodeo rider. He got his start in show business on the East Coast as a vaudeville singer then found work in Chicago as a performer on the WLS Radio program, National Barn Dance. In 1948 he signed with Mercury Records where he recorded a number of successful country music albums until 1952 when he switched to the Decca label where he would continue making records into the 1970s. He also recorded one album for Buena Vista (Disney, pictured) in the 1960s, although sources vary on the date of issue.

When singing cowboys such as Roy Rogers and Gene Autry were very much in vogue in American film, in 1949 Republic Pictures in Hollywood gave him a screen test and put him under contract. Beginning in 1950, Allen starred as himself in nineteen of Hollywood’s western movies. One of the top-ten box office draws of the day, whose character was soon depicted in comic books, on screen Allen personified the clean cut, God-fearing American hero of the wild west who wore a white Stetson, loved his faithful horse named “Koko” and had a loyal buddy who shared his adventures. Allen’s comic relief sidekick in first few pictures was Buddy Ebsen and then character actor, Slim Pickens.


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Famous People – Alexander Graham Bell

Posted by quotes on September 8, 2007

Alexander Graham Bell – Inventor of the Telephone
Alexander Graham Bell was a famous scientist and inventor of the telephone in 1876, at the age of 29.  Although he is well known for the invention of the phone, this famous scientist and inventor was involved in so many more projects.  He was a curious person with a keen mind, and his intellectual curiosity  drove him to continue to experiment and invent new solutions to problems for his entire life.

In 1881, Alexander Graham Bell won the Volta prize of $10,000.  He set up the Volta Laboratory in Washington D.C. and worked with his cousin Chichester Bell and Charles Sumner Tainter to further his scientific interests. One of their more notable accomplishments was to improve Thomas Edison’s phonograph to the point that it became commercially viable.

Through the years he was responsible for a variety of inventions such as an electromagnetic device called an induction balance that he made to try and locate the bullet lodged in President Garfield after his assassination. Alexander also built a metal vacuum jacket that was the forerunner to the iron lung used to aid polio victims in the 1950’s. Bell invented the audiometer to detect minor hearing problems and worked on experiments with energy recycling, alternative fuels, and removing the salt from seawater.

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Thomas Edison Biography

Posted by quotes on August 12, 2007

Thomas Edison

When was Thomas Edison born? He was born on February 11, 1847 in Milan, Ohio and was the seventh child in his family. Edison was often ill as a child and therefore started school later than he otherwise would have. When he did begin formal schooling, he was easily bored and caught daydreaming by his teacher, which resulted in the teacher’s assessment that Thomas Edison was less than a gifted intellectual. That was the end of his formal schooling after only 3 months! His mother took over instructing him and the rest is history.

As his career began to take off in New Jersey, the Thomas Edison biography will go over many of his inventions, like the Phonograph, the stock ticker and the motion picture camera.

One of the most important things Edison did to create the proper environment for inventing, was to set up the Menlo Park Research Lab in New Jersey. This was the first lab of its kind, set up specifically to find new and better ways to do things. It was an inventor’s paradise. This was a very important part of the Thomas Edison biography, because it is the place where most of his inventions were developed. In fact, the money used to build this facility came from the sale of the rights to the Thomas Edison invention, the Quadruplex telegraph to Western Union for $10,000.

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Benjamin Franklin

Posted by quotes on August 11, 2007

When was Benjamin Franklin born?” January 17, 1706 is the day he was born in Boston, Massachusetts. He was the 10th son and one of 17 children in his family. Even though he was only able to attend one year of school, Benjamin loved to read and by the age of 12 he was working as an apprentice to his brother James, who was a printer. Ben Franklin would help his brother compose pamphlets and set type, and then sell the products on the streets. The next step in the Benjamin Franklin biography is his escape to Philadelphia. In early America it was frowned upon and even illegal to run away, but Franklin did it anyway in hopes of finding a job as a printer in New York. When that didn’t work, he looked in New Jersey and eventually found work as an apprentice printer in Philadelphia.

He also took note of the incredible financial loss that was incurred by victims of fire, so he helped found the Philadelphia Contribution for Insurance Against Loss by Fire in 1752. That company is still in business today.

By 1749 Franklin’s business ventures were thriving and he turned his attention to science and experiments. He had long been interested and involved in science, and had even invented a heat-efficient stove, called the Franklin stove, in 1743. Now he finally had some time to devote to science, and he took full advantage of it. During the early part of the 1750’s Franklin studied electricity. Ben achieved international fame with his kite experiment, which proved the nature of electricity and lightning.

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Famous People – Arthur Ashe

Posted by quotes on April 19, 2007

Famous People – Arthur Ashe

From what we get we can make a living. What we give however makes a life.

– Arthur Ashe

Arthur Ashe

Famous Tennis Player

Arthur Ashe was a tennis star of the 1960s and 1970s and also an African-American pioneer: he was the first black man to win at the U.S. Open and Wimbledon. He scored many other firsts in his career, including becoming the first African-American on the U.S. Davis Cup team in 1963. Ashe played tennis at UCLA and was national collegiate champion in 1965. He won three major tournaments in his career: the U.S. Open (1968), the Australian Open (1970) and Wimbledon (1975). Ashe retired in 1980 and was elected to the Tennis Hall of Fame in 1985. In 1988 he discovered he had AIDS, probably having gotten the HIV virus from a blood transfusion during heart surgery in 1983. Ashe made the news public at a 1992 press conference and died the next year.

More here:  http://www.who2.com/arthurashe.html

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